Southeast Michigan
Antique Engine & Tractor Association
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Southeast Michigan Antique Tractor & Engine Association (SMATEA), Inc
. was formed in the fall of 1989.   

The main purpose(s) of the association are:  

I. To create and maintain an organized group of persons who are interested in all aspects of the steam and internal combustion powered equipment, machinery, and related items.

II. To provide a medium through which people may meet to exhibit, display, operate, and observe all types of this equipment.

III. Encourage children of active members to show and display hobbies or interests of their own.

The group does several community activities during the year. Members are proud to give back to the community and help educate others about our agricultural history.

Some of the highlights of the year are:

  • Hayrides - Monroe County Intermediate School
  • Agriculture Awareness Day - Monroe County Fairgrounds for over 1,500 second & third graders
  • Exhibition - Monroe County Fair
  • Other Shows - Many of our members display as a group.

Great fellowship is had by all!

Club memberships are due annually at the show for $15.00 per year. Includes member and non-voting spouse and children under 14. Contact a director to join throughout the year.

Must be member in good standing to display at any event.

Title  Name  Phone 
 President Lee Eggert   (734) 279-1202 
VP  Brian Hoppert (734) 777-9611
Secretary Kim Rehberg (734) 777-1769
Treasurer Carol Cillley  (734) 279-1445 
Director  Alan Stevens (734)625-8736
Director  Herb Smith (734)269-6529
 Director  Delmar Cilley  (734) 279-1445
Director Ed Oerther (248) 820-1003
Director Gary Brown (724) 439-8754
Director Ken Brown (734) 368-2794
Director Norman D Seegert (734) 823-5447
Director Norman C Seegert (734) 693-5043